Brewery and Taproom Under One Roof


Xan set out to create an irresistible space that pulls the guest in from across the street. Light filled and spacious with tall ceilings, it just feels good. With a skilled eye to properly launch a new brand, there is no confusion in the customer’s mind. A large glass wall separates the on site production area from the patron space. Designing around the large walk-in/retail demands, in addition to full service, Xan had to consider the hours of beer production as they relate to hours of operation. The design relies heavily on the graphic brand, with a blend of pop colors to create a vibe in contrast to the historic nature of the building.

“We were absolutely floored by Xan’s ability to take our vision and brand and materialize it into a physical space. Their creativity, thoughtfulness and business acumen is apparent in every engagement. From first concept sketches to opening day, they were with us the whole way to ensure our taproom provided the craft beer experienced we needed.”

— Eli Gerson, Owner

Ginger Pig

When chef Natascha Hess came to Xan for help with her first fast casual spot, the world was in the middle of the 2020 Covid shut down. With a small budget and a space to match, we were excited for the challenge. Ginger Pig’s name honors the magical root, featuring ginger infused Asian street-style food inspired by the chef’s time overseas. Our design solution balances the desire for a neighborhood bar feel, with a fast casual service model, all the while avoiding the look of a stereotypical Asian restaurant. The design is gritty meets street, and at the same time feels approachable. We relied on moody lighting, custom steel dividers and booths, contrasted with warm, reclaimed wood. There is a dedicated space for the bar, and fixtures in pops of color throughout. The corrugated metal ceiling reflects the red hot neon sign asking customers “have you eaten?”  Finally, a mural by JUURI, and directed by Xan gives the space strong chi.

Postino Wine Café

Xan shares Upward Projects’ passion for rustic buildings ready for new life. Collaborating with this design forward client delights and pushes our creative solutions to new heights. Each café location is immaculately restored to create a welcoming atmosphere tailored to the neighborhood demographic. The design honors the building’s physical and cultural history with a focus on warm wood, an energetic color palette, bold patterns, mid century textures and eclectic statement pieces that make the space truly unique.

“She pushes back in a really healthy way,” said Postino founder Lauren Bailey, who had been doing her own designs prior to involving Xan. “She wasn’t trying to come in and make it about her.”

— Lauren Bailey

Bacon Social House

This is our second Bacon location, this one featuring a large roof-top patio. A big central bar grounds the restaurant and directs traffic. The seating plan is flexible, and with a long row of booths there’s not a bad seat in the house. Enjoy a flight of bacon in this large, bright mid-mod inspired space.

The Feedery Neighborhood Kitchen

The Feedery at Grow + Gather is a literal farm to table experience. It is the restaurant component to the farm, market, and cafe. This project is all about heart, and serves the local community in a multi-purpose space that was once a neighborhood garage. Our focus was to make the space feel approachable and energetic without losing the cool auto-shop vibe. The feel is industrial, layered with the warmth of reclaimed surfaces and pops of fresh color. Custom furnishings and reclaimed materials from the building’s past life evoke that classic feel. Check out the Market at Grow + Gather too!

“Other than me and my partner, Melissa was the single most important person on this project team.”

— George Gastis, Owner

Frozen Gold

Frozen Gold is exactly what is served in this funky, disco inspired soft serve ice cream shop. The name inspired the space design — an interior that is cool enough for adults imbibing on boozy shakes, and fun for kids too. The energetic lighting design was critical to create a smooth day to night transition in service.

Bigsby’s Folly

This rough old railroad building is the perfect backdrop for a craft winery. The end use is a wine production facility, along with a tasting room and blending room. We contrasted the exposed structure of the original building with luxe, sophisticated furnishings — white marble tile, sparkling light fixtures, feminine mingling with masculine. We designed a warm, cozy environment with divided seating to create a living room vibe. The temperature controlled barrel room is surrounded in glass and creates the centerpiece to the space. Bigsby’s is at once timeless and modern.

“Hiring Melissa Friday and the team at Xan as our creative partner was one of the best and most important decisions we made to transform our winery dream into reality.   They took the time to really understand our project objectives and pushed the envelope to deliver the best they could while being respectful of financial goals.  They made an extremely stressful process fun with their amazing sense of humor and ability to problem solve every step of the way, going above and beyond their set scope of work from start to finish.”

— Marla Yetka

Goddess and the Baker

Modern cafe meets daytime nightclub in this bright, graphic space. Chicago based G&B expands to Milwaukee. Our design focuses on the layering of strong geometric patterns with refined glass and brass accents. The feminine aesthetic, and cool palette combined with mid century furniture stirs the energy of the space. The lively neon and youthful vibe offers an approachable, all are welcome environment.

“Xan was a total pleasure to work with. They have the unique ability to have a sense of the operation, while at the same time a good design sense. The design of the space never appears compromised due to operation or functionality. They also got to know me right away and what I like and don’t like. The space is so beautiful and flows so nice. We could not have been happier or more impressed with Xan. We look forward to a long relationship with them and consider them our Company designers for the long haul. They will be with us till the very end.”

— Tamar Mizrahi Stone

The Cruise Room

Unearthed inside the Oxford Hotel in 1980 by Denver developer Dana Crawford, the space was discovered untouched. The design is modeled after a lounge on the Queen Mary, and features carved bas-relief wall panels of international revelers created by Denver artist Alley Henson in 1930. As long time Denver residents, we are honored to be responsible for restoring this magical place. The look is the same; we chose to elevate the finishes to a more luxurious version. We switched plastic laminate to quartz, and vinyl to leather, elevating history with the lift of a martini glass.