Brewery and Taproom Under One Roof

Xan set out to create an irresistible space that pulls the guest in from across the street. Light filled and spacious with tall ceilings, it just feels good. With a skilled eye to properly launch a new brand, there is no confusion in the customer’s mind. A large glass wall separates the on site production area from the patron space. Designing around the large walk-in/retail demands, in addition to full service, Xan had to consider the hours of beer production as they relate to hours of operation. The design relies heavily on the graphic brand, with a blend of pop colors to create a vibe in contrast to the historic nature of the building.

“We were absolutely floored by Xan’s ability to take our vision and brand and materialize it into a physical space. Their creativity, thoughtfulness and business acumen is apparent in every engagement. From first concept sketches to opening day, they were with us the whole way to ensure our taproom provided the craft beer experienced we needed.”

— Eli Gerson, Owner