Pullman Standard

Time Travel In This Sexy Nashville Bar

Located in the historic Cummins Station, originally a transit warehouse utilizing Pullman trains. We took inspiration from the romantic train travel era — luxury accommodations combined with exceptional service. Avoiding any obvious train themes, we created a space that is at once nostalgic, pampered and sexy. The raw space was industrial so we added warm lighting, and wrapped the concrete columns for an upscale feel. Art deco prints, and a diverse seating plan makes this first class bar feel swanky. 

“Imagine taking on a design project 1200 miles away. But here was Xan’s bigger challenge: The initial space is 117 years old, it is currently configured as bank office space, you get to visit the space in person only once. Many would call this crazy, outrageous, destined to fail. A mission so impossible, even Tom Cruise passes on it. But not Xan Creative. They took on this challenge like the true unrelenting professionals they are. They were able to complete this impossible mission with such style, there has not been a single press article written that doesn’t gush over spectacular design. We were extremely delighted in the end result and their world class dedication to achieving what some said could not be done. Thank you Xan, you far exceeded all expectations.”

— Greg Hooper, Owner’s Representative