At Xan, we like to think of ourselves as the antidote to bland, as adversaries of ordinary, and enemies of sameness.

We believe that every brand has a soul and that it’s our job to bring that soul to life. So when someone walks through your doors, they don’t just know what you sell—they know what you stand for. And that takes a lot more than identifying color palates and selecting finishes. It takes invoking emotion. It takes provoking engagement. It takes creating a powerful, immersive experience that stays with someone like a post-vacation glow.

We’ve learned that there’s a fine line between a lively restaurant and a chaotic one. And that when employees feel at home, patrons will too. We have an insightful approach to translating concepts into spaces. And we’ve found it has a tendency to turn clients into friends in the process. Welcome to Xan. We trust you’ll find yourself right at home.


every brand has a soul