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Snooze San Diego Open!

From SDGLN.com article on Snooze San Diego:

Ambiance When greeted at the door, diners will immediately see how different the look and feel of Snooze is, compared to both traditional and non-traditional breakfast nooks.

The mastermind of Melissa at Xan Creative¬†in Denver, Snooze’s whimsical foray into that “retro-futuristic” style is quite unique and has become a large part of their brand, conveying a comfortable but upbeat vibe.

“I keep looking up,” Butterfield said of the San Diego space he now runs, with its open steel, wood and brick architecture. Ironically, this industrial style matches their other Snooze spaces in Colorado, and it was pretty much by accident. Read entire article here, by Morgan M. Hurley

Introducing a green into the booth palette.


Sweet side view.
Bar counter culture.


View from the back of the restaurant.
Beautiful sky lights compliments of Public Architecture & Planning