Popular Cantina is First to Open in the Stanley Marketplace

The Stanley is a large repurposed airplane hanger in East Denver. There are fifty businesses where folks can eat, drink, shop, play, and work. The Stanley houses the third Comida location in Colorado — people just can’t get enough. Xan works hard to create branded spaces that are relevant to the established look & feel of our client’s brand, yet evolves the customer experience to a new level. Each new location is different and presents unique challenges and opportunities to bring a brand to life.

“It took opening 8 restaurants with out the use of any design help before I was finally brought to my knees with my last project. Larger thank any space I had ever leased, Comida at The Stanley was a daunting 3500 square feet and my budget was tight. From the beginning meetings with the Xan team, I felt an enormous weight lifted. I knew they had my back! They were full service in their approach to designing the space, attending all construction meetings, creating an atmosphere that fit with the culture of my concept and thoughtfully working within my budget.  In other words, The Xan Creative team rocks!”

— Rayme Rossello