Ace Eat Serve

A Study in Recycling, Reusing and Refreshing

Xan partnered with Josh Wolkon and his team, to give new life to three conjoined old buildings in creating Ace Eat Serve. By knocking down walls, retaining the original floors and exposing brick and beams, Xan peeled back layers and let the coolness of the space be exposed. To give the large space an industrial feel, much of the original building materials and other recycled items were re-conceptualized. What may have initially felt like a huge space now is just enough room to eat, drink and score on your opponent.

“Working with Xan is so much more than just hiring a designer, you are bringing someone in who is going to own that project for you, and see it right through to the end. It’s more fun to work with someone who shares your vision and energy, someone you get along with. One thing Melissa does great is she brings everyone into the project, as a project leader. People are excited, the hugs go out, everyone is part of the team.”
— Josh Wolkon