Sweet Cooies

Little Man Ice Cream Expands the Family

Sweet Cooie’s Ice Cream & Chocolates is a classically inspired confectionery inspired by the mother of a beloved Denver developer, Paul Tamburello. The space is as charming as the woman it is named after. It is a jewel box of an ice cream parlor, with upscale design nods to her childhood era. While the light fixtures, marble counter, and custom back wall evoke a time gone by; the sophisticated flow is interrupted by the whimsical curvy lines of the booth banquettes that welcome delighted families.

“Melissa’s skills go far beyond Designer. Her knowledge of workflow and operations is exceptional when it comes to integrating functionality into design. Melissa is the type of designer that drives the design and the design language hard so that it is very clear to all people involved in the project – from the architect to the trim carpenter – and she gets the best out of people to execute that design.

The creative process with her is also really great because she strikes this balance between integrating owner/client’s vision into what she’s doing and she helps to create a comprehensive look. Also, her knowledge of budgeting and cost is fantastic; it’s almost like having an owner’s rep onsite. Besides all of that, she’s just fun as hell to have on a job site, she brings a sense of humor and energy that is effervescent.”
— Paul Tamburello