Grow + Gather

The Farm and Table Under One Roof

This project is all about heart, and will serve the local community in a multi-purpose space that was once a neighborhood garage. In that spirit, our focus was to make the space feel approachable and energetic without losing the cool auto-shop vibe. Creative reuse is a value that we share with our client. We were careful to not over-design, but to let the original building be the star. The feel is industrial, layered with the warmth of reclaimed surfaces and pops of freshness. Be sure to check out The Feedery, the restaurant at Grow + Gather. 

“Seeing that initial design concept was an incredible release for me. It was like: ‘Somebody gets it, and they believe in it.’ It’s like they took it out of my head and there it is on the screen.”

— George Gastis, Owner