About Us

We love what we do! We thrive in an environment that begs for re-imagination, and enjoy partnering with clients who have a vision.

We are innovators that don’t go down the beaten path. We are listeners, doers, and collaborators. Whimsical, yet gritty, urban and original — sensible, versatile and resourceful. We are artisans that take our craft seriously, but aren’t afraid to laugh. 

Our expertise, gained through years of successes and failures, provides value through our client advocacy. Xan provides custom solutions, design build application, and construction management. We help determine where to spend design dollars for the most effective brand impact.
We ask tons of operational questions to gain valuable information that becomes the foundation for our creative process. We base our design on meaningful insights about the project’s users and their daily lives — the people who gather there.

Our spaces are concepted with both the staff and the end user in mind. We know how to design spaces with intense demands while considering long term maintenance, safety, and efficiency. When a space functions well for the team, a seamless experience translates to the customer.